Poll: Which travel moment is the most awkward?

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Thread: Poll: What's the Most Awkward Travel Moment?

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    Default Poll: What's the Most Awkward Travel Moment?

    Which common travel occurrence is the most cringe-worthy? Check out our list below and then vote in our poll!

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    The Most Awkward Moments in Travel
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    Default Re: Poll: What's the Most Awkward Travel Moment?

    Oh, it used to be several of these, but they don't really worry me so much now....
    I'd be so embarrassed over toilet issues at one time, but try holidaying on Greek Islands where you can't even put paper down the loo, and keeping your cool.
    No, it's usually tipping these says....In most of Europe, where you have to earn a living wage by law, tipping is just the jam on the bread and butter....in other places it's taken for granted you'll leave 15%+ as a matter of course, and in yet others, it's very discourteous to leave anything.
    I have to read the tipping laws before I go anywhere- I hate this aspect of travel!

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    Default Re: Poll: What's the Most Awkward Travel Moment?

    I didn't vote for it (the clogged hotel toilet is top of my list), but I agree with you that tipping can be really tough. I loved traveling in New Zealand a few months ago because we didn't have to worry about tipping or taxes at all -- the prices were all-inclusive everywhere we went. So convenient!
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