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Thread: Only myself to blame or What was I thinking!?

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    Default Only myself to blame or What was I thinking!?

    Earier this month (Feb.2012) I decided to visit some people I bearly knew in Wroclaw, Poland. I doing so I completely switched off my brain and let the angel of my sorry nature drive the bus. First. I decided it was a good idea to stay with these folks for TEN DAYS. Fish and guests stink after three, and I'm not a can of Febreeze. Second. I knew the only one in the family that spoke English to me was the father so I slacked off on studing Polish and decided to trust my Polish app on my iPod Touch....Huge...Mistake. Until an alien from outer space hands you a universal translator that actually works, all claims of instant speech translation from Chinese electronic doohickees are LIES! Third. Really get to know someone from a foreign country and their customs BEFORE you show up at the door. Neither this family nor me had much fun during my visit and the worst thing is, I have only myself to blame.

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    Default Re: Only myself to blame or What was I thinking!?

    Oh, dear. Sorry you had such a bad homestay experience! I wouldn't beat yourself up about it too badly -- I feel like that sort of thing is the kind of experience that could go really well, if you happened to hit it off with the people. Sorry it didn't work out that way. Hope the trip had a few redeeming features, at least.
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    Default Re: Only myself to blame or What was I thinking!?

    Sorry to hear things didn't go well in Poland but I applaud your courage in taking an "adventurous" trip!

    Unexpected things happen when traveling and things sometimes go wrong. I went to visit friends in France I DID know well (one of them, at least, for years) and we were all heading to north eastern Germany to visit people I did not know. Nor did I speak much German and I was to be meeting many folks who spoke no English. I did the best I could, it wasn't all horrible but overall, it was a disaster and the end of a long valued friendship. My plans ended up changing dramatically, I was traumatized and alone at CDG airport in Paris at midnight but a friend at home helped make everything work out so that I could get home.

    I never imagined anything like this would happen, but mostly all my travels have given me complete joy and happiness and I guess things just cannot always be perfect or expected.

    Just keep on traveling........it almost always is amazing!!
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