We were in Montego Bay last week and booked this excursion. They picked us up (late) and took us to the reef for a 45 minute swim (turned out to be less then 30). Then they took us to Margaritaville and dropped us off. Once the boat returned after 2 hours, they came within a few feet of the dock. I had left my belonging on the catamaran and told the crew that I just wanted to get my belonging. One of the crew asked me what it was that I left on board. I told him that I left my snorkel equipment and a red bag. At that time they started pulling away from the dock (they never did get right up to the dock) and I asked again, "what about my belongings?" The same crew member started laughing and starting waving and said "swim for it". I contacted the manager of Margartiaville and he somehow got the cell number for the captain of the catamaran (Glen) and called him. He told him that I needed to talk to him and handed me the phone. I said "I'm the one that was on the dock" at which point he hung up on me. The manager again tried calling him 5 times before he answered the phone again. Once he got him back on the phone, he handed it to me and I said "Hello, I'm" at which point he hung up again. Since my stuff was still on the catamaran, I had no choice but to wait another 1 1/2 hours for them to return. Once they did return the crew member that make the comments denied every making and such remarks, yet 2 female crew members told me that he was only kidding. How can he be "just kidding when he denied even saying anything.

Sorry, but I can't recommend anyone booking a excursion with this company! Do yourself a favor and book with someone else.