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Thread: August or September

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    Hello! My daughter and I are planning 5 days in Scotland We will be based in Edinburgh..a special retreat for her 40th birthday. August would be a better month for us( towards the very end), but I fear the best hotels are already booked. Would this be too late to book during August? We could go in September.....my question is , for first timers, would the festival time be overwhelming? I am imagining it being chaotic during festival..By the way, anyone know of a special hotel in city center? We will not have a car. Thank you very much!

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    My husband and I went last November. It was great!!! It was cool, but nice for walking. Be sure to allow at least 1/2 a day for Edinburgh Castle!

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    Personally, I think if you're interested in a particular festival, then by all means try to go when it's happening (and book SOON!). But if you just want to do the everyday sightseeing sort of stuff in Edinburgh -- and if budget is an issue at all -- I'd go in September instead. It will be more affordable, more relaxing, less crowded.

    Sorry not to have a hotel recommendation for you; I was younger when I was there and stayed in hostels.

    Enjoy your time there. It's a beautiful city!
    "I haven't been everywhere yet, but it's on my list." -- Susan Sontag

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    I always make reservations online when we travel. Since we were taking a lot of trains and had never been to Europe we used the travel agent at work. She picked boutique hotels in Edinburgh, London and Paris. They were very nice and so different than a large hotel. In Edinburgh, we stayed at the Hotel Du Vin in the old city. The people were very friendly, and helpful. The room was very modern, eventhough the building was very old. My favorite of the 3 was in London. It was Rubens at the Palace!!! It was wonderful in every way. Stay there if at all possible!!! In Paris we stayed at the Hotel Ares Tour Eiffel which was very nice and walking distance from the Eiffel Tour. Whatever you do, where ever you go, where ever you stay............
    enjoy every minute and have a wonderful trip!!!

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