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Thread: need some restaurants near Eifflel Tower

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    Default need some restaurants near Eifflel Tower

    would like a couple of suggestions for basic lunch/dinner in rue st cler area. thanks

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    Default Re: need some restaurants near Eifflel Tower

    Quote Originally Posted by jdechter View Post
    would like a couple of suggestions for basic lunch/dinner in rue st cler area. thanks
    If the weather is decent, consider a picnic on the grassy side of the Eiffel Tower. You will find many French picnickers.

    There is an excellent and exceptionally beautiful restaurant on the top floor of the Musee d'Orsay which houses an exceptional collection of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings.

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    Default Re: need some restaurants near Eifflel Tower

    rue St Cler itself actually already IS an amazing Parisian street on which you will find many wonderful Bistros and Cafes.....I'd be rather surprised if you couldn't find something just walking along the street, among all the wonderful shops/markets on this delightful street. I love this area of Paris and actually, when it comes time to finding someplace for lunch/dinner, I kind of just wander around till I find an interesting menu, combined with atmosphere (virtually everywhere in Paris!) and not too terribly crowded. A nice prix fixe menu is always rather alluring too! While I've been to Paris so many times, I do have a few fave cafes (everyone should - even on the FIRST trip - have a "home" cafe for either your morning coffee, an afternoon drink or late night repose) I'll always go back to but I always like trying new places, depending upon which arrondissement I happen to be in that day/evening.

    One thing there is no shortage of in Paris are great places to eat, all over the city. Your post mentions "near the Eiffel Tower" but there are indeed two restaurants IN the Eiffel Tower; one is on the first level, Le 58 Tour Eiffel, is moderately fancy (no jeans/sneakers) and the other, on the second level - Le Jules Verne, is much more fashionable, (boasting 1 Michelin Star and overseen by legendary chef Alain Ducasse, owner of a few 3 Michelin Star restaurants) and both require advance reservations - weeks before you go is best, easily done. Le Jules Verne has a prix fixe lunch that is what I would consider an affordable splurge. That is how I have visited many NYC 4 stars - doing prix fixe lunch - same great food & service, much better price! Not many "starred" restaurants in Paris even do lunch. If the stars/gastronomy is not important, I'd bank on finding something right on rue St Cler or adjacent rue St. Dominique, another of my fave 7th Arr streets.

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