Poll: Do you belong to any hotel rewards programs?

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Thread: Poll: Hotel Rewards Programs

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    Do you belong to hotel rewards programs such as HHonors or Priority Club? Vote in our poll!

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    I belong to at least one -- I signed up to get the free Wi-Fi for program members but haven't used it since. I think I also signed up for another one at some point for some reason, only to forget about it entirely, LOL. I tend not to be a huge fan of chain hotels. If I can find a B&B or other locally owned place with good rates and reviews, I'll usually stay there instead. But it's still probably worth signing up for one of these programs for times when chains really are the best option...
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    Not for hotels.....but yes, for cruise lines! Each time you go on a cruise, the line gives you points, which then offers a% off on-board spends, or laundry, or a few drinks in a lounge. So far, we have a cocktail party and a few other bits with NCL; our main one is P&O, which now gives us 7.5% off spends- we were elevated last year because we'd had 14 nights on the sister line, Princess, and P&O gave us 7 extra points for that.

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    Yes ,I have a program with Hotel.com.Belong to it for about a year now .Don't use it much,cause of the places that I do stay at aren't listed from Hotel .com,so only use it when and where I can.I guess the program is good ,...just haven't used it enough to receive the benefits yet.

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