Poll: How many airports are close enough to home for you to fly out of?

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Thread: Poll of the Week: Departure Airports

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    Default Poll of the Week: Departure Airports

    How many international airports are close enough for you to fly out of? Vote in our poll!
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    Default Re: Poll of the Week: Departure Airports

    Lots, really, although some just cover certain countries, and others do the long treks. If I want to fly to the US, I'd use Manchester or Glasgow, but certain US routes are from London only, so I'd have to decide whether to spend 5 hours going there, or make the change required from a Manchester flight.
    The nearest airport is Newcastle, (we're a bit remote these days!), but that's mainly for Europe or Egypt, places like that with short-ish flights; there's other smaller ones which just do local flights, or to Amsterdam, which is one of the hubs, ditto Zurich, Munich etc.
    When we flew to Hawaii, it was a choice whether to go by train and spend a night in London, before a morning flight to San Fran; or morning flight from the local Leeds/Bradford, where we lived, to Amsterdam, then change to San Fran. We should have done the latter, as both aeroplanes landed within 5 mins of each other, and we'd have saved an expensive night in a Heathrow Airport hotel....

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    Technically I have three or more, though realistically I have one that I strongly prefer (Philly). I just tried Newark for the first time and it went okay, but it was expensive and not as convenient to get there.
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