Poll: Should families get their own section on airplanes?

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Thread: Poll: Kids on Planes

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    Default Poll: Kids on Planes

    Should families get their own section on the plane? Vote in our poll!

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    10 Reasons Every Plane Should Have a Family Zone
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    Default Re: Poll: Kids on Planes

    I've voted, slightly naughtily, for the kids to be put together....I know it can't really work, but after flights of 10 hours plus, behind babies who are having screaming panic attacks, I'm resigned to bringing along the ear plugs. Yet another reason we don't do long haul these days.....

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    I agree with you, Jo! I know the logistics are tough, but child-free sections, or family-only sections, or WHATEVER will keep us separate would be so ideal.
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    Default Re: Poll: Kids on Planes

    Since most of the planes are coach seats, which sometimes have a divider wall (larger aircraft) it would seem that no matter where families were placed, noise would be audible; more so if they were all seated together, assuming some kids want to talk, play or cry. Spread out, it might be better overall as noise can be moderately isolated. Another reason: crying kids could make others cry if they were all close together! Or talk or play..........and I hate to make it sound like children are any "problems" as adult travelers can be annoying in unexpected and sometimes worse conditions!

    Best option: strong, noise cancelling headphones/ear buds for quiet or to listen to music, a film being shown without background noise creeping in.
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    I would prefer kid-zones but as an older non-smoker I remember the farce of smoking vs non-smoking sections. Yes, I have a non-smoker's seat, but I am right in front of the smoking section, breathing in the same air. The same would apply to a kid-zone: if you are anywhere near screaming kids, it doesn't matter if they are in a differently designated section. I would much rather have responsible parents than a kid-zone.

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