Poll: My favorite place to enjoy a little peace and quiet while traveling is:

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Thread: Poll of the Week: Peace and Quiet

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    Default Poll of the Week: Peace and Quiet

    When you need a little peace and quiet while traveling, where do you go? Vote in our poll!
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    Default Re: Poll of the Week: Peace and Quiet

    My refuge depends upon where I am so there's no one place, but there's always a place and even when traveling, it can be nice to have a time out
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    Default Re: Poll of the Week: Peace and Quiet

    On our first Orlando visit, we craved a little silence after a few days. We went to the cathedral for a service, and were warmly welcomed; afterwards people were so kind, and gave us an amazing tip: Drive to Disney World, take the shuttle bus to -one of the water parks near a lake-can't remember which one, and you could sit quietly there for hours. It was lovely....although an ibis flew into a tree above my head- and dropped....no, not what you're thinking....a live lizard on my head! I was too amused to scream....

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    i pretty much have to find some peace and quiet on every trip for my own sanity. I've used most of these, though my favorites are the outdoor spaces -- gardens, beaches, hiking trails -- followed closely by bookstores/libraries (books are ALWAYS soothing). Jo mentioned a cathedral, and I agree that those can also be really serene places to rest and reflect, even if you're not religious.
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