Poll: Are you loyal to a certain hotel chain/family?

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Thread: Poll of the Week: Hotel Loyalty

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    Default Poll of the Week: Hotel Loyalty

    Are you loyal to a certain hotel chain or family? Vote in our poll!
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    Default Re: Poll of the Week: Hotel Loyalty

    There's an economist in the UK who says:"loyalty is for losers".....not just about holidays, but things like banks, insurance etc. I'm like that with cruise lines, hotel lines, aeroplane companies etc.....what could be great the first time might be rubbish the second. Try them all, and keep reading the reviews!

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    Default Re: Poll of the Week: Hotel Loyalty

    I'm loyal to certain things, but hotels aren't one of them. I don't much like chains in any case. Sometimes they're really nice, sometimes they're the only option, but too often they're just kind of bland. I'd rather support a local business like a B&B or an independent small hotel.
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    Default Re: Poll of the Week: Hotel Loyalty

    I'm lucky to have access to a few discount programs (University/Professional) and belong to loyalty programs. BUT, at the end of it all, it will always come down to getting the best price in the place I want to be. It means doing a little research, knowing my destination etc., but mostly that's fun and easy to do now and the reward is getting a great place at an awesome price!

    Like Jo, I don't always find myself at a big brand hotel; I enjoy the plethora of other options that are out there and have found myself in some pretty amazing places at unimaginable prices. While not always advisable, there's something to be gained sometimes by simply showing up somewhere and searching for a room - it's surprising how well one can do! (Aim high quality, pay low - otherwise that could go horribly wrong!)

    Like FF programs, the loyalty programs rewards seem to be getting tougher to attain and hold on to.
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