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Thread: Your Favorite Travel Apps

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    Default Your Favorite Travel Apps

    What are your favorite apps for travel? Ours are below -- now we want to hear yours.

    Essential Travel Apps, Part One: The Basics
    Essential Travel Apps, Part Two: Accessory Apps
    16 Offbeat Travel Apps Worth a Download
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    Default Re: Your Favorite Travel Apps

    Take a look at NetStash. It's a travel app that lets you download entire websites for offline reading when you are for exampe on a flight without WiFi or just in an remote area without any internet access. Great free alternative to spending $$ on magazines for your flight.
    Link to NetStash app on iTunes.

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Travel Apps

    I used Triposo a bit.....not bad for destination guides since I was unable to carry any destination guides. Hotel Tonight is another one that for now, is not yet "everywhere" but they are adding locations swiftly. And while it may not be an actual "travel app" I find that Skype is very helpful for staying connected, when needed, for folks who can't Face Time.
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