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Thread: Poll of the Week: Hotel Room Location

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    Default Poll of the Week: Hotel Room Location

    Where do you prefer to have your hotel room? Vote in our poll!
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    Default Re: Poll of the Week: Hotel Room Location

    I like to have easy access.....recently stayed in a vast hotel in Oxford, and we had to walk 3/4 of the way round an enormous square.... there was no nipping back for something you'd forgotten if you were in a restaurant or in the car park. Plus, there were odd stairs to negotiate, and lots of fire doors, all a bit difficult with suitcases. I like turning from the reception desk either to a short corridor, or to the lift and Bingo!- there's my room, with a working lock for the key card, a sparkling bathroom and of course, a kettle....

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    Default Re: Poll of the Week: Hotel Room Location

    I voted I don't care, so long as it's clean/quiet....mostly that's the case. It can be difficult to generalize due to the variety of differences in hotels/Accomodarions or the options at one's destination. We can hope for the best & try to sort it out if displeased on arrival. I suppose we mostly try to know before we go, and other times we "wing it" making quick choices on the journey. Flexibility helps! (Or call another hotel!)
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    Default Re: Poll of the Week: Hotel Room Location

    While I certainly like a clean comfortable room, I am more interested in the location of the hotel itself. I always look for a hotel that is central to the main area of the city since this is where I can set out from to visit the sites/sights I have planned on. I stay in the same hotels in most of the cities in Italy that I visit more than once. I have always researched ahead of time. I have done the same thing when planning a trip to New York City, Paris, and London. Easy access to public transportation is also a plus.
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    Default Re: Poll of the Week: Hotel Room Location

    I prefer to be near the elevators because I usually travel alone and am uncomfortable being at the end of a long,lone hallway.Also, I am a senior and distances if I have to deal,with my luggage pose a difficulty.

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