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Thread: Sandals - Turks and Caicos

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    Default Sandals - Turks and Caicos

    I would like to take my family to the Sandals Turks and Caicos (T&C) resort, but have never been to Sandals. Travel channel reviews claim T&C as among the best in the world. I have had a hard time finding information aside from the Sandals literature which is great, but I would like to hear from travelers like you and I with first hand experience as a guest.

    I'm asking for tips on matters like:

    -What time of the year to go

    -Where to find the best rates

    -Tips/insight into the resort or island

    -What you wished you knew before you went

    Thanks a million!

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    Default Re: Sandals - Turks and Caicos

    This area can be cool (especially the water) before the first of June. I recommend going in the summer months. We are headed there on September 3.

    The resort has a 45% off promo going now, but I don't know what their dates are for it.

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    Default Re: Sandals - Turks and Caicos

    I think you are referring to Beaches in Turks and Caicos. This is only a great place if you have and/or like kids because it is wall to wall kids in Beaches. There are mnay nice resorts on Providenciales if you don't feel like mass quantities of kids running around.

    Turks and Caicos in general is one of the nicest spots in the Caribbean to visit. The best time of year is December - May. The summer gets very hot and humid and the later it gets the higher probability you have of getting a hurricane. Turks and Caicos is very expensive so be prepared for that.

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    Default Re: Sandals - Turks and Caicos

    I book sandals vacations all the time.

    If you need any info please feel free to contact me.


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    I'm an American living on Providenciales (Provo for short) in the Turks & Caicos Islands. There is a Beaches resort here (no Sandals yet, but one is planned), as a previous person mentioned. It is their flagship family all-inclusive resort and has won Conde Nast's and several other "Best Family All-Inclusive" five years in a row.

    However, unless you want the full children's all-inclusive experience, there are many other nicer places to stay. Almost all the resorts are kid friendly without being overrun with kids. There are no traditional hotels on Provo, but rather all the resorts are condo resorts. This lends itself well to families traveling with children or groups traveling together. We own a condo at Ocean Club West which we rent through the management's rental program. It's a great two bedroom oceanfront suite and is very typical of most of the resorts on Grace Bay, Provo's main tourist beach. Other places to look at include: The Palms, The Sands, Royal West Indies Club, Turks & Caicos Club, Grace Bay Club, Coral Gardens, The Alexandra Resort, and in the ultra-luxury category--the Amanyara.

    Another argument against staying at an all-inclusive like Beaches is that Provo has an abundance of very good restaurants which you would miss out on if you're eating every meal on the resort property.

    Check out a couple of websites: www.wherewhenhow.com, www.provo.net, and www.tciway.tc.

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    Default Re: Sandals - Turks and Caicos

    I don't know about resorts- I've always thought that if you're going to spend the money for a great vacation in TCI, a villa is the way to go. I've always booked through Tranquility Vacations - its always been a pleasure dealing with them, and their properties are beautiful and VERY private.

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    Default Re: Sandals - Turks and Caicos

    The Mediterranean Village, this spectacular resort offers the best of both worlds on one idyllic island. Where balmy breezes still whisper tales of yore when British Admiral Lord Nelson sailed these famous shores. Our staff at Sandals Antigua is sure to provide you with the best wedding and honeymoon vacation possible.

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