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Thread: Hurricane season?

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    Default Hurricane season?

    I have vacationed in St. John in December for the past 4 years. I'm thinking of going July 1-15 this year but am a little concerned about the weather. I know hurricane season officially starts in June but does anyone have comments on how common it is to run into bad weather in July? Thanks for any insights!


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    Default Re: Hurricane season?

    I don't know what's going to happen next July or what happened generally in previous months of July, but we do know that we're in a cycle of greater numbers of hurricanes than we've been having during the past ten or twenty years. So there's a better (worse) chance that there will be a July (or any other month) hurricane than there has been over the past several years.

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    Default Re: Hurricane season?

    Only times I have ever been caught in a hurricane down in the islands were in June and July. Survived three of them down in St. Kitts, St. Martin and Antigua. Only one was really bad, the others blew in and out pretty quickly with little damage. I would say you are in the high risk time, but I think the odds of a) there being a hurricane at that time, and b) it hitting St. Johns are probably at least 8-1 in your favor but you never can tell.

    Btw: May is a great time to be there - I think July is too hot.

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    Default Re: Hurricane season?

    July is generally uneventful, regarding hurricanes. I only remember one [1] in the last forty years. Actually hurricane season calms down tremendously after mid September.

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    Default Hurricane season

    Hurricane season has been off to a slow start, but we are quickly moving into the busiest time of the year for hurricanes. Is everyone ready with their new teardrops?

    I had to ask because I dreamed about hurricanes last night.


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