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Thread: IATA card benefits?

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    Question IATA card benefits?

    Hi all! What a great site this is, I can't believe I didn't find it long ago.

    My question is actually on behalf of my mother in law. She works for a large company in the vacation travel business (don't want to mention names) and as a benefit to her job she received an IATA card upon her fifth anniversary with the company. She has heard stories of people getting huge discounts on hotels and taking amazing trips by way of an IATA I.D. I have a feeling there's more to it than that but she is convinced that there is some secret to using the card, and if she can only discover it she'll be saving a bundle on travel.

    So, does anyone know the secret? She won't rest until she has answers. Can an IATA card get a peson substantial discounts, and if so, how?


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    Default Re: IATA card benefits?

    There is no secret or code or anything. It's a card that allows her to get some discounts, which can be up to fifty percent off but much of the time it is just the comission a company would pay to a travel agent. I am a former travel agent. It's nice but not massive savings.
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