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    Hey im 16, and 17 in fall, and im wondering, im going to St. Kitts during the winter break, whats there to do in st. kitts, and if anyone has had experience of this, someone around my age, let me know what there is to do, are there a lot of places for teenagers to hang out and stuff like that. plus will i need my id for anything down there, such as the drinking age, i hear floating stories, whats the enforcement downthere

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    Where are you staying in St. Kitts? If you are staying at the Marriott, there are a variety of activities on the resort that you can enjoy.

    Off the property you can go on a rainforest tour with Greg's Safaris. www.gregssafaris.com

    Rent ATV with www.stkittsactivities.com

    Go kayaking and snorkeling with Turtle Tours.

    A fun way to spend the day is with Blue Water Safaris. www.bluewatersafaris.com

    Turtle Beach is a fun plan to hang out and play volleyball, listen to music, etc. www.turtlebeach1.com

    A website you might find helpful is www.discover-stkitts-nevis-beaches.com

    There is no liquor age in St. Kitts.
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