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Thread: Passport Needed?

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    Default Passport Needed?

    Is a birth certificate enough to get into St. Maarten and then fly into St. Barth's? St. Barth travelers, please advise.

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    Default Need Passport for St Barth's

    Hi Megan,

    You will definitely need a Passport to immigrate into St Maarten and then travel over to St Barthelémy. Princess Julianna airport is on the Dutch side of the island (St Maarten); the other side of the island is St Martin and is French. Thus, just as if you were entering the Netherlands or France a Passport would be required and so it is on these Caribbean islands.

    A Passport is pretty much essential to travel anywhere outside one's home country these days, given the new, strict security measures in place and the greater need to track everyone entering and exiting any given country. Heightened awareness is de rigeur and so you should plan to carry your passport with you and have it looked at repeatedly by a multitude of airport, immigration and customs officals, just to name a few!

    If you live in the USA, you can obtain and submit a Passport application at certain Post Offices; inquire at your post office for further details on obtaining a passport. There are also Passport services that can help you obtain your passport for a fee. For more details, check out our Resource Center article for complete Passport Information.

    Good luck and enjoy St Barthelémy - my favorite island in all of the Caribbean! Bon Sejour!

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    Default Re: Passport Needed?

    OK i see this post is old, but how about now? what papers i need now?

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    Default Re: Passport Needed?

    Has anyone been here? Is it true the island is very expensive?

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